For nearly nine decades, teaching Chemical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez (UPRM) has centered around one fundamental premise: Academic Excellence. Since our Ph.D. program started in the year 2000, our Department has undergone a major transformation and we have added another fundamental principle: Research Excellence. We have taken great strides to improve the quality of our education at all levels, including our Masters and Ph.D. programs, while increasing the research productivity in the department. Our graduate program  has  generated more than 220 M.S. degrees and 65 Ph.D. degrees so far, being these numbers testament to the effort made by our research faculty toward preparing professionals with advanced expertise in the evolving field of Chemical Engineering.

As part of our commitment to these principles, careful, individual attention is given to each student’s preparation, interests, and goals in designing a graduate program of study and research. The UPRM Chemical Engineering   faculty is conducting scholarly research in the areas of nanomaterials, colloids, pharmaceutical engineering, bioengineering, environmental engineering, and energy, among others. The faculty has developed research specialties in a broad range of areas including synthesis and characterization of nanoporous and nanostructured materials, materials for drug delivery and biosensors, simulations and computational chemistry, that span the quantum to continuum length scales, and production of fuels and raw chemicals from renewable feeds, among many others. Our laboratory facilities, dedicated to specific and general uses, afford excellent support for fundamental and novel research. As a result of this research activity, the department has generated more than 180 publications in peer-reviewed journals during the last five years that have accounted for more than 2,700 citations already, in addition to several patent applications, numerous conference proceedings, and presentations at local, national, and international meetings

Recent developments in science and engineering, as well as changes in  both local and national industries, may require changes in the method of training of our students. While we continue to provide our graduates a sound basis in the fundamentals of chemical engineering and mastery of scientific tools, we are also preparing them to adjust to and succeed in a rapidly changing employment environment.

The Department has the distinct advantage of being located in the west coast of the beautiful is la nd of Puerto Rico, a unique environment for continuing education . Our programs and setting provide out­ standing opportunities for intellectual, professional, and personal growth. Minutes away are a myriad of stunning beaches, spectacular rainforests, and excellent dining. Within two hours drive is San Juan, PR’s capital with all the amenities and entertainment of a world- class metropolis. Over the years, our programs have produced MS and PhD alumni who have risen to positions of prominence in industry and academia both locally and abroad. As a result, we have developed strong industrial and academic partnerships and we look forward to strengthening them.

We invite you to explore  our graduate program offerings in the next few sections. Feel free to contact us directly if interested.