Do you consider application for second semester (Spring) admissions?

Applications are considered every semester. However, the graduate program curriculum was developed with new students beginning in the first semester (Fall).

I do not have a BS in chemical engineering, can I still apply?

We do consider applicants with bachelor’s degrees in related areas in a case-by-case basis. Applicants must show a strong background in Math, Physics and Chemistry, as well as some knowledge of transport phenomena (Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer), reaction engineering and thermodynamics, including phase equilibrium. Prospective students that do not meet these criteria may still receive a conditional admission with course deficiencies, if it can be achieved in a timely schedule within the institutional maximum of four deficiencies. Currently, students with bachelor’s degrees or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial Biotechnology, Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences are enrolled in our graduate programs.

Is it true that if I obtain a PhD from the UPRM, I will not be considered for a faculty position at the UPRM?

All qualified applicants are considered for open faculty positions, disregarding their academic background. Nevertheless, departmental units consider better suited candidates those with innovative ideas and new research areas that expand their portfolios.

Applications are considered every semester. However, the graduate program curriculum was developed with new students beginning in the first semester (Fall).

I applied and never received an answer?

Verify that the application package is complete. The department only receives complete application packages that have been pre-screened by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Is a Master’s degree required for the PhD program?

No, the PhD program does not require a MS/ME degree.

I definitely want to do a MS and maybe a PhD afterwards, should I apply to the MS or PhD?

You should apply to the program that is better suited to your personal and professional goals. For example, the PhD program requires a longer commitment that many students are not willing to partake after just completing an undergraduate degree.

Are courses taught in Spanish or English?

Our system is bilingual. Most of the faculty is fluent in both Spanish and English. Written materials (textbooks, exams, papers, etc …) are normally in English, while spoken language is Spanish. Most courses in Chemical Engineering are taught in Spanish as it is the first language of most professors. Basic English knowledge is desired of applicants.

I want to do research with Professor X when can I begin?

The student selects research projects that interest them and matches are normally made during the fourth month (November or April) of the semester of the first year. This gives you a chance meet the faculty and more senior graduate students, and to explore the wide variety of projects offered. No matches are made in advance of this, however, feel free to contact the relevant faculty members about areas you are particularly interested.

Can I attend the graduate program while working on a private industry/company?

The ME program was designed with part-time students in mind. See the program description. The MS and PhD programs require a full-time commitment for significant and continuous research progress to be made.

I was either unable to get a job offer, was laid-off, my plant is closing … (or similar situation), can I apply and attend graduate school while I get back on my feet?

Serious consideration and commitment is required from those planning to attend graduate school. Abandoning the program prematurely causes undue damages to the progress of projects and may affect the chances of faculty to obtain financial support from sponsoring agencies.

When applying online for the Master’s program it gives me three options: Plan I (1), Plan II (2) or Plan III (3), what it means?
It refers to the type of Master’s. A Plan 1 is a master’s with thesis project, Plan 2 is a master’s with engineering project, and Plan 3 is a coursework only master’s. Thus, Plan 1 and Plan 2 correspond to MS and ME, respectively. The Chemical Engineering Program does not offer coursework only master’s.