About Engineering


thinking-260x300¿What it is engineering?

It is the application of science and technology to improve the quality of life of human beings, through the use and control of resources that nature provides us for the benefit of mankind.

They are practical inventors who use science and technology to turn ideas into reality, to make our lives easier, healthier, more productive and more fun.

¿What makes engineering different from science?

Engineering deals mainly with the understanding of natural phenomena that scientists discover and express them in acceptable theories for usefulness  and economic purposes.

Therefore, engineering requires, above all, a creative imagination to find innovative applications of natural phenomena.



  • scientist – study the flight of birds and the characteristics of their anatomy that allows them to fly.
  • engineer – takes this knowledge and designs aircraft with elements that allow you to achieve these characteristics.

What do we owe to the engineers?

Thanks to engineers, we can:

  • travel from one country to another
  • have money available anywhere in the world
  • received information through the Internet
  • eat food in times that are not supposed to be harvested
  • change the ambient temperature in a room
  • have electronic pocket-size devices
  • travel using GPS systems
  • use robots in places with safety and health risks

 ¿Why study at University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (“El Colegio”)?

  • Academic excellence = high percentage of teachers with doctorate
  • Prestige = we are internationally recognized by the caliber of our teaching
  • We are the institution # 1 in the United States graduating as many Hispanic engineers and # 2 in the percentage of women engineers degrees conferred nationwide.
  • Student Opportunities
  • Research projects with financial remuneration
    • Internships and COOP Plan
    • Exchange program with other international institutions
    • Study trips to Europe, America and the Caribbean
    • Student participation and Professional Associations
  • Business and Industry of PR and international come to recruit our graduates
  • Recognized universities in the United States and Europe seek our graduates for graduate studies
  • College Pride = “Antes,  Ahora y Siempre …..COLEGIO”

 What courses you should take in high school to be well prepared to enter and study in El Colegio?

  • Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
  • Calculus, Statistics, Computers


  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Spanish , Englisgh

  • Reading and Composition

 ¿How do I apply for admission to “El Colegio”?

  • Find your Average High School Graduation points (PG)
  • Calculate the admission index  (IGS) using   index calculator in the Admissions Office website
  • The formula is: IGS=0.50 x CB + 0.50 x PG
  • Verify the IGS of each academic program to identify to which programs you can aspire.
  • Complete and submit the Application Form on or before the deadline.
  • If you are accepted submit the Acceptance Form before the deadline.


…If you do not feel ready to begin studying at El Colegio,  consider articulated programs,  which allow to start taking the first years courses of your program in other UPR campuses. Complete information of the Articulated Transfer Program can be found here.