Undergraduate Admissions

All new freshmen are accepted either to one of our six engineering programs, or to the surveying and topography program offered by the Civil Engineering Department. Every program has its own admission standards. The best source of information is the UPR Admissions Office, which handles all applications for undergraduate admission to UPR. On their website, one can find a link to request application materials and other useful information.

Click here for the IGS calculator and academic programs options.

Graduate Admissions

At UPRM every program has its own admission standards, but the Office of Graduate Studies handles all graduate admissions. Therefore, in order to apply, one must contact the Office of Graduate Studies. It is the best starting point for information on financial aid, graduateprograms, applications, and more.

For more information on a particular department, academic programs, and undergraduate or graduate requirements at UPRM, or to view course listings and any other information, follow the appropriate links from the UPRM web site.

For information about undergraduate or graduate engineering studies, look through the Academic Departments of Engineering to find descriptions of the various fields of engineering.


Admision Office: Celis  101
Phone: (787) 832-4040
Ext: 2400, 2412, 2404, 2420
Fax: (787) 834-5265