Engineering Student Organizations


There are many student associations within the different engineering departments that respond to the interests of each particular discipline. In addition, there are several engineering associations that have chapters in the College of Engineering at Mayagüez that bring together all the engineering disciplines. These associations group students from all departments, as engineers, to provide integration and a multidisciplinary setting to share experiences.


American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Acronym: AIChE

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is an organization established in 1908 with the mission of distinguishing Chemical Engineering as a profession apart from Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. It seeks to apply chemical engineering expertise to meeting societal needs.

Department: Chemical Engineering
Counselor name: Luis A. Estevez

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American Society of Civil Engineers
Acronym: ASCE-UPRM Chapter

The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez is a student-run organization which provides, to over 200 student members, diverse opportunities of professional development through events held during the academic year. Our chapter is dedicated to provide our members with professional networking, enrichment seminars, and on the job projects which promotes students to put technical knowledge to use. Throughout our activities we look to connect high school students, undergraduate students, and professionals.

Department: Civil Engineering and Surveying
Counselor name: Prof. Hiram González, MSCE, PE

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Industrial Engineering Honor Society
Acronym: ALPHA PI MU

We confer recognition upon the Industrial Engineering student who has shown exceptional academic interests and abilities in his field. Our organization focuses on the following goals:

• Further unify the student-faculty relationship by providing activities where both students and faculty will get to know each other outside of the classroom.
• Encourage students to continue excelling and furthering their academic preparation.
• Re-establish our honor society as an intellectually stimulating group where leaders meet to create the necessary synergy to accomplish our society’s goals.
• Increase active participation of our members by providing them with activities that engage their interest.
• Cooperate with organizations and professionals working towards the interest of the industrial engineering field.
• Provide to our members various networking opportunities with individuals with whom they share similar interests, objectives, and abilities.

Department: Industrial Engineering
Counselor name: Prof. Mayra Mendez

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National Society of Professional Engineers
Acronym: NSPE

The National Society of Professional Engineers Student Chapter of University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Campus (NSPE-UPRM) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to promoting professionalism among all types of engineering students and is a student chapter affiliated with the National Society of Professional Engineers. We have been active since 2011 with more than 200 members and 80 activities per year with the support of more than 7 sponsoring companies. Our main purposes are:
1. To provide leadership experience to our members by developing activities where they can work and can grow professionally
2. To encourage professional registration and licensing among engineering students by offering special discounts in FE/PE Exam Prep Courses.
3. To work as a coordinating body with other technical societies on campus to produce integrated extra-curricular activities .

Department: Chemical Engineering
Counselor Name: Dr. Pedro Quintero

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Tau Beta Pi- Puerto Rico Alpha
Acronym: TBP-PRA

Founded in 1885 by Dr. Edward H. Willians Jr., Tau Beta Pi is the second oldest Greek letter honor society in the United States, and the only honor society that represents all fields of engineering. In 1969, the Puerto Rico Alpha Chapter was founded at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. Members of Tau Beta Pi are chosen first on the basis of their academic achievement- only juniors in the top eight and seniors in the top fifth are eligible to join. Furthermore, we evaluate exemplary chapter, choosing students who have proven integrity, adaptability, breadth of interest and above all, unselfish activity. The Puerto Rico Alpha Chapter offers a wide variety of activities, not only to our members and prospective members (candidates), but also to engineering and non-engineering students. We hold technical activities, community service, social and cultural events, business meetings, environmental projects, sales, and represent the Chapter at the National Convention and the Spring District Conference.

Department: Engineering
Counselor name: Josuan Hilerio, Evi De la Rosa, Mayra Mendez, Stephanie Gonzalez

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Asociación de Contratistas Generales
Acronym: AGC UPRM

Como asociación estudiantil, se busca emular el compromiso que tienen los capítulos profesionales de la AGC por la industria de la construcción y formar parte del proceso de la initegración de nuevos profesionales a este campo, enfocados en la ingeniería.

Department: Ingeniería Civil
Counselor name: José L. Perdomo

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IEEE Women In Engineering
Acronym: WIE

IEEE-Women in Engineering is an organization dedicated to promote women engineers and scientists. Our goal is to encourage the growth of women pursuing degrees in engineering fields where they are strongly underrepresented. As a student organization, we support students who have already chosen an engineering career to continue on their path by offering workshops and orientations, which will help them grow academically and professionally. We also try to promote careers in engineering for high school level students by offering outreach activities such as the STAR Program and the Engineering Workshop, which aim to teach them the benefits of pursuing a career in engineering.

Department: Electrical/Computer Engineering
Counselor name: Dra. Nayda Santiago

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Phone: (787) 265-5402
Room: S-211
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics UPRM Student Branch
Acronym: AIAA UPRM

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Mayaguez Student Branch was established in the 2005 in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus. Since then, the AIAA-UPRM provided the necessary tools needed in the aerospace industry.

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Counselor name: Dr. Pedro Quintero

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IISE logo
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Chapter #891 UPRM
Acronym: IISE

Founded in 1948, IISE is an international, nonprofit association that focuses on providing leadership, education, and training in diverse areas of industrial and systems engineering. It is considered the world's largest professional society, with the greatest impact among IE students.
As the UPRM Chapter, we are the main student organization in our campus working on the particular needs of our industrial engineering community and is the biggest Industrial Engineering organization within the Industrial Engineering department of the UPRM. Our key commitment is to offer our student members the opportunity to apply the concepts learned in the classroom throughout real-world problem applications and thus preparing them for the practice of engineering. Also, with our focus areas of academic, professional, social and community, we aim to take students’ concerns about any lack of skills or resources and incorporate them into our plan of activities to facilitate learning and networking opportunities, helping them become well-rounded professionals.
IISE Vision
Our IISE UPRM Chapter vision is to be the leading student organization within the UPRM Industrial Engineering Department whose primary function is to promote the education of our members in the Industrial Engineering profession and related fields.
IISE Mission
Our IISE UPRM Chapter mission is to promote the development of students in STEM (engineering, science, and other technical professions) to achieve educational excellence by enriching knowledge, developing abilities, and strengthening skills in our focus areas for further opportunities and wellbeing.

Department: Industrial Engineering
IISE Chapter Advisor: Dr. Wandaliz Torres García
CIAPR Chapter Advisor: Dr. Viviana I. Cesaní Vázquez

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Acronym: MAES

Bohique, the UPRM chapter of MAES, is a non-profit educational organization composed of undergraduate students from different engineering and science majors at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. This organization stimulates Latino students to get involved in research and take advantage of all the opportunities it gives them. We want our members to become not only great engineers and scientist, but also great leaders, people to look up to and that will leave a permanent mark wherever they decided to apply their knowledge and acquire new ideas.

Department: Science and Engineering
Counselor name: Mauricio Cabrera

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Women Students in Industrial Engineering UPRM (WSIE UPRM)
Acronym: WSIE UPRM

WSIE is a student organization whose mission is to position itself as a pillar for female industrial engineering students and facilitate the transition to their careers with a focus on personal and professional development, empowering women to advance and excel in their engineering careers.

Department: Industrial Engineering
Counselor name: Lourdes Medina

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