At UPR Mayaguez, we produce more than graduates—we combine the theoretical with the practical to create the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. With six Academic Departments representing all major engineering disciplines, a student population of 5,000  and nearly 200 faculty, UPRM is the largest engineering university in Puerto Rico. It is also a global center of learning for some of the most important emerging technologies.

The College of Engineering offers nine highly ranked bachelor’s-level academic programs, eight master’s, and six doctoral degrees in engineering and computer science fields.

Through its state-of-the-art facilities, advanced computer resources, and world-class faculty, the College integrates education and research, preparing our undergraduate and graduate students to solve real-world problems in classroom, field and laboratory to successfully tackle current and future challenges.

What sets us apart

We integrate the opportunities of our world-class research programs to offer our students the best opportunities to emphasize innovation and on-the-job experience. Instruction at UPRM begins in the classroom, but it almost always leads into laboratories—where students work side-by-side with leading researchers in their fields—or to stages, galleries and off-campus job internships and co-ops that expose them to real-world challenges and experiences. By the time most UPRM students graduate, they have not only mastered their area of expertise, they have gained valuable research and work experience (and often job offers) and discovered the potential for inquiry and creativity within themselves.