Application Requirements- Graduate Program

Online Application

Currently, all applications are submitted online through the Office of Graduate Studies:


Students are encouraged to contact the professor, with whom they want to work on their thesis/project with before applying. Complete applications must be submitted before March 1 for admission in the first (Fall: Aug.-Dec.) semester, and on or before October 1 for the second (Spring: Jan.-May) semester. All credentials submitted by applicants become property of the University and cannot be returned. Other admission requirements are those of the Office of Graduate Studies at UPRM.

Language requirements

Since the ME Graduate Program at UPRM consists of bilingual professors, students should keep in mind that course offerings can be in English, Spanish or both, at the discretion of the professor. Most of our classes are taught in English. However, we encourage that English speaking applicants know Spanish as their second language and/or consult the Graduate Coordinator or the ME Department Head before applying.


As stated earlier, all application documents must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. Please do not send your documents to the ME Department. Once your application is complete, the Office of Graduate Studies will forward your application to the Mechanical Engineering Department. The ME Graduate Affairs Committee will evaluate each application using internal matrices. These matrices consist of: statement of purpose, recommendation letters, previous experience, and grade point average (GPA). The Mechanical Engineering only recommends the acceptance of applicants for the ME Program to the Graduate School . The official acceptance letter is given by the Office of Graduate Studies.

The basic admission requirements for graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering are a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or related fields. In addition, student applicants must satisfy a minimum level of achievement for favorable consideration of their application for admission into the program as indicated below.

A typical profile of an accepted student includes a GPA greater than 3.00 on a 4.00 basis and previous research and/or work experience. International students whose universities do not mark on this grade point system should either rank in the top 20 percent of their class or graduate in at least the first division.

Undergraduate and/or graduate students who are not international students and who do not meet the requirement for entrance may join the graduate program by participating for one or two semesters in the continuous improvement graduate program. Through this program students are not guaranteed any financial aid and the only possibility of financial aid will be through external funding from his/her advisor’s research project(s). In order to be considered for admission into our graduate program and be eligible for financial aid, students enrolled in the continuous improvement graduate program at UPRM must maintain a minimum grade of “B” in their courses and have a preliminary plan of study completed. Students must complete at least two core courses in their field of interest. In addition, the student’s faculty advisor must submit a letter of recommendation with his/her intent to work with the student before applying through continuous improvement graduate program. Applications through the continuous improvement graduate program are subject to approval by the ME Graduate Affairs Committee and the Mechanical Engineering Department Head.

International Students

In order to issue an I-20, the university must have received an original (not a photocopy) certified statement from a bank or government agency that sufficient funds are available to meet the cost of study, living, and necessary travel as prescribed by the Office of Graduate Studies. The I-20 is a document that will be presented at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in various countries for students to obtain a valid visa to enter the U.S. and Puerto Rico . This amount is subject to change without notice. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for the actual amount. Applicants unable to provide proof of financial support will not receive the I-20. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for more detailed information.

Health Insurance

Each student must have proper health insurance. The ME graduate program does not provide health insurance to graduate student. In the event of sickness or illness, the university’s insurance will not cover these expenses for students working on projects. Hence, all students must purchase the university health insurance or provide proof of private insurance to determine if it is accepted by UPRM. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for more detailed information.

Equal Opportunities

Our program welcomes applicants regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status or physical handicap, and does not discriminate on those or other nonacademic bases.

Transfer Credits

Refer to Policies and Procedures section.

Honor Code

The Graduate Honor Code establishes a standard of academic integrity. As such, this code demands a firm adherence to a set of values. In particular, the code is founded on the concept of honesty with respect to the intellectual efforts of oneself and others. Compliance with the Graduate Honor Code requires that all graduate students exercise honesty and ethical behavior in all their academic pursuits here at UPRM, whether these undertakings pertain to study, coursework, research, extension, or teaching.

It is recognized that the graduate students have very diverse cultural backgrounds. In light of this, the term ethical behavior is defined as conforming to accepted professional standards of conduct, such as codes of ethics used by professional societies in the United States to regulate the manner in which their professions are practiced. The knowledge and practice of ethical behavior shall be the full responsibility of the student. Graduate students may, however, consult with their major professors, department heads, the International Students Office, or the Office of Graduate Studies for further information of what is expected of them.

More specifically, all graduate students, while being affiliated with UPRM, shall abide by the standards established by UPRM, as described in the University Rules. Graduate students, in accepting admission, indicate their willingness to subscribe to and be governed by the Graduate Honor Code and acknowledge the right of the University to establish policies and procedures and to take disciplinary action (including suspension or expulsion) when such action is warranted. Ignorance shall be no excuse for actions which violate the integrity of the academic community.

The fundamental beliefs underlying and reflected in the Graduate Honor Code are that:

  • to trust in a person is a positive force in making a person worthy of trust,
  • to study, perform research, and teach in an environment that is free from the inconveniences and injustices caused by any form of intellectual dishonesty is a right of every graduate student, and
  • to live by an Honor System, which places a positive emphasis on honesty as a means of protecting this right, is consistent with, and a contribution to, the University’s quest for truth.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UPRM will not tolerate any violation to the Honor Code, which will be strictly enforced at all times. Refer to the general catalog or contact the Office of Graduate Studies for additional information about the Student Conduct Code.

Grade Requirement

The student must pass all courses on the plan of study with an average grade of B or better. Grades of D or less do not give graduate credit. Students may repeat any course with a grade of C or less in accordance with the policies of the Office of Graduate Studies. If a student’s work is substandard, the ME Graduate Affairs Committee may recommend to the Office of Graduate Studies that the student be dropped from the Program.

Particular attention is directed to the Office of Graduate Studies rules concerning Pass-Fail courses. All courses on the plan of study, including supporting courses, must be taken on a letter grade basis except for those courses offered on a P/F basis only. Graduate students may take an unlimited number of hours of graduate work (5000 or 6000 level) on a P/F basis outside of the department and not in the plan of study with the approval of his or her major professor.

All thesis or dissertation credits must earn a grade of S (Satisfactory). Students earning an NS (not satisfactory) will be in probation the following semester and not eligible for any funding.

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