NVDE Meets P&G, and First NVDE Cohort Alumni

The NVDE students received an unexpected visit from Procter & Gamble (P&G) engineers and obtained an expert insight on how to do observations and customer interviews. The P&G representatives gave examples of how they develop new products listening carefully to their customers and evaluating areas of new opportunity. With this, the students understood how important is for them to do effective and large amount of observations so they could really comprehend the problem and their future client. However, observations do not stop there.

P&G uses their upstream observations so engineers can develop a minimum valuable product (MVP); with which they do even more interviews to observe the customer’s behavior. The students must do a prototype as a final class project, and thanks to P&G they now know the importance and relevance of this MVP. At the end of the conference, the students asked questions about the company and their observation process. P&G even talked about some of their products and the difficult iterative process in the background that is not seen in the store’s shelf.

They also received a visit from Ilka Rodriguez, a NVDE graduate that expanded her experience by joining StartingBloc, a fellowship dedicated to connect leaders around the world that want to contribute their ideas and entrepreneurship to all beings. She gave her perspective of the New Venture Design Experience and how to continue with the project once finished the class.

With these two visits the NVDE participants are ready to continue their journey to observe, brainstorm, and create.

Source: NVDE Jose Luego Blog Posts