Víctor Montalvo Carlo

ECaFSS Scholar since: August 2018

Research: Endophytic fungi associated with descending death and necrosis in Mangifera indicates the Botryosphaeriaceae family encompass genres and species of fungi typically endophytic and pathogenic opportunists, meaning, those that become pathogenic under stress conditions in the plant. They have been reported to be affecting the foliar area, stems, buds of inflorescences and fruits of the mango, typically causing symptoms of cankers, death or “dieback”, and blights or burns. Mango is one of the most important economic fruit trees in Puerto Rico. It is affected by several pathogens that affects its production and development. The objectives of this investigation were the following: To isolate fungi from tissues of mangos from the EEA of Juana Díaz (leaf, bud, branch and inflorescence), to determine the frequency of fungi of the family Botryosphaeriaceae found, and other species that are causing death necrosis, descending death and cankers in the trees of the station and other phytopathogenic fungi that are isolated and a relationship can be seen. Isolate tissues, purify isolates, use methods of inducing sporulation for identification. Perform pathogenicity tests to show that isolates are pathogenic and negatively affect the production and development of the mango tree. Then collect tissue from branches, leaves , buds and inflorescence of the mango trees, with symptoms reported in different investigations, fungi were isolated from the collected tissue and were passed to isolated mushroom purification processes.

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