• The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is an external volunteer consultative group comprised of different companies who support the College of Engineering School (CoE) at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM).  The board serves a critical role of linking the school’s strategic objectives and activities with the interests of external constituents and industry groups.
  • The IAB offers guidance and support consistent with the CoE’s mission and objectives. 
  • Membership is a voluntary contribution.



  • Advising and assisting on academic and professional matters.
  • Providing input on current trends in the industry.
  • Identifying necessary skills and areas of interest for curriculum development.
  • Promoting and enhancing the quality of the programs.
  • Identifying projects and funding sources.



  • Participate in at least two (2) meetings per year, virtually and/or in person.
  • Provide counsel concerning the CoE’s priorities and goals
  • Serve as a sounding board and provide feedback on the contributions of the university in relation to the needs of the industry.
  • Serve as an advocate within their company by championing new initiatives, making the school’s work more widely known, identifying and recruiting board members and providing opportunities for students and faculty such as internships, facility tours and research grants.

Industrial Advisory Board Members

The following table lists all active board members, their roles in the board, company they represent and graduation date and program if they are UPRM alumni.

Alba Lynnette Colón Rodriguez (President)
Hendrick Motorsports
(INME ’93)
José M Rodriguez
Maximo Torres
Maximo Solar Industries
Alexis Perez Orona
Rock Solid Technologies
José Sanchez
US Army Corps of Engineers
Miguel Alemañy
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (INQU)
Ana Simonato
Juan E. Figueroa
Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust
Oscar A. Ruiz Cortes
Procter & Gamble
(INME ’03)
Angel Crespo
L3Harris Technologies Company
(INEL ’97)
Juan Carlos Guerra
DXC Technology, Consulting Division
Pedro Nieves
Lockheed Martin Global Inc. (INME ’96)
Carmen M. Mendez Cruz
Sandia National Laboratories (ININ ’99)
Julio J. Cartagena
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (INQU ’96)
Praful Madhani
Texas Instruments(P)
Francisco A. Barillas (Secretary)
Vectoral Data Corporation
Julio F. Lara
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region IV
Rey Almodóvar
Intuitive Research and Technology (ININ ’84)
Humberto Mercader
Department of Economic Development and Commerce (INEL ’96)
Juan F. López Sanchez, PE
IBM Corporation
(INME ’98)
Shakira Pastrana-Naumann
The Boeing Company (ININ ’04)
Jaime Benitez
Medtronic PR Operations (INME ’93)
Kenan D Davila
Sargent & Lundy Puerto Rico (INEL ’07)
Shandalai Jimenez
José Antonio Hiraldo Galarza
Nemar Technology Group
(INME ’88)
Marcelino Beltran
Boston Scientific Company
Toly M. Diana Cintron
Raytheon Technologies
  Magaly Soto Arce
General Motors