Courses Offered:

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The R2DEEP program offers high school students the opportunity of taking university credits in: Mathematics, Engineering and Languages, while still in high school. The courses will be given through distance modality by professors and instructors of UPRM. We also give professional academic counseling for students in the R2DEEP program.

Students may take up to 24 credits, taking two courses per semester. The academic offer includes:

  • Pre-Calculus I *
  • Pre-Calculus II *
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Calculus I *
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Computer Programming  and Algorithms *
  • Basic English Course*
  • Intermediate English*
    (*) Some courses have prerequisites.

Note: Courses will be offered whenever the minimum enrollment quota required by the program is fulfilled. 

The schedule for the courses begins at 3:30 pm. Always consult the duration of the courses in the schedule.