Strategic Planning


To be the best Business Administration option in Puerto Rico for the best students, professors, and recruiters.


To impact society through the transformation of students, professionals and organizations in the business environment by offering academic, practical, research and community service experiences.

Strategic Plans


With the desire to create a culture that supports our vision and mission, we specifically: 

      • Promote a pedagogical approach that facilitates teaching-learning.

      • Revise and update curriculums, both undergraduate and graduate, to keep abreast with technological and global changes, provide competitive differentiation and promote practical experience.

      • Sponsor dynamic student organizations that offer opportunities to develop leadership and encourage citizen participation.

      • Develop a community that shares common goals, willing to serve and support other faculties within the UPR and the Caribbean.

      • Encourage processes that promote effective communication with all of our constituents. 

      • Value honesty, service and quality.

      • Promote a culture that pursues excellence, agile management that minimizes bureaucracy, and conciousness of the environmental impact of business decisions. 

      • Encourage teamwork.

      • Sponsor the continuous professional development of our professors. 


On November 15, 1970 the Council for Superior Education created the College of Business Administration in the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, becoming the youngest college of this campus.

Declaration of Values

As a result of a continuous process of reflexion and assessment, the teaching and non-teaching personnel as well as the students of the College of Business Administration reaffirm their commitment and loyalty to the following values: justice and equity, responsibility, respect, trust and integrity. This declaration establishes these values to educate and inspire, as well as promote dialogue and continuous improvement. Specifically, these values describe the identity of this organization and expresses its goals. This declaration of values is focused on ethics, reinforcing the search for excellence consistent with the Mission and Vision of the College.

Justice / Equity

To be impartial, objective, and abstain from discrimination or preferential treatment in the application of politics and laws upon dealing with students, faculty, employees, administration, and other constituents.


To recognize and comply with its responsibilities towards its constituents by meeting their essential interests, honoring its commitments and integrating and maintaining a balance between different points of view. As responsible agents, the faculty, employees and students of the College of Business Administration are committed to the achievement of excellence, community well-being and professionalism.


Recognizes and respects the dignity and fundamental rights of all constituents. These include the right to property, privacy, freedom to exchange ideas, academic freedom, duly established processes, and meaningful participation in decision making processes and development of policies.


Acknowledges that trust stengthens communities by creating and environment where each person can expect ethical behavior from others. Promotes tolerance in an environment of diversity and operates within the parameters established by individuals as well as the community.


Promotes integrity as characterized by sincerity, honesty, authenticity and the search for excellence. Integrity is the foundation of all our decisions, actions, and expressions. It’s the true manifestation of intelectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, mentoring and research.