Articled Transfer Engineering Program
[Spanish Version]

Do you wish to study ENGINEERING at the UPRM?
Did you know that you could do it, starting from a different campus of the UPR system?

The UPRM Articled Engineering Transfer programs allow you to start an engineering career at the Mayagüez College from a UPR site near you.
To enter any of our engineering programs, look for the nearest UPR site that offers the discipline that interests you (see Figure 1).


The entry requirements are the same as those required to enter UPR-Mayagüez and from the first day you are a student of the UPRM. Upon completing your first 48 credits (2 years) with satisfactory academic progress, the transfer to Mayagüez is practically automatic. Your counselor will indicate the steps to follow to transfer you.


The two years that you complete in one of our articled programs correspond to the first two years in the UPRM. You will not lose credits or extend the time established to complete the academic program. On the contrary, when you start college near your home, the transition to university life will make it easier for you. Once you have completed the second year, you move to Mayagüez and there you continue with the rest of the courses until you complete your degree.

Current Agreements and their Offers

Below you will find the UPR Enclosures that are part of this agreement and the programs they offer.

Programa Arecibo Bayamón Humacao Ponce
Civil Engineering (INCI) X X X
Electrical Engineering (INEL) X X X
Industrial Engineering  (ININ) X X X X
Mechanical Engineering (INME) X X X X
Chemical Engineering (INQU) X X X X
Computer Engineering (ICOM) X X X
Surveying and Topography (AGTO) X X X