Computer Engineering covers the areas of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)’s  Computing Curricula 2005 states that Computer Engineering students study the design of digital systems, including:  Communication Systems, Computers, Electric devices containing Computers,  and Software Development focusing on Software for digital systems and its interfaces with users and other devices. As indicated in this report, Computer Engineering has a strong sense of Engineering outside of programming. This is vividly displayed in Embedded Systems, which are electrical devices that contain tightly coupled Hardware and Software components. Examples of such systems are cell phones, media players, and tools for laser surgery.

What is the Difference Between Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Software Engineering?

Computer Engineers also use these capabilities to different fields of research. Recent innovations in computing are restructuring fields such as manufacturing, medicine, research, and development of office work in virtually every business. This development is the result of creativity and long hours of work when considering a solution to a problem or difficulty of our daily lives. The department is committed with producing Computer Engineers with the required tools to succeed in accordance to modern-day technology.