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Once you receive an offer from a former employer or participating organization you can start your COOP application process by following the next steps shown below:


Step 1: Applying to the COOP Program

To apply to the COOP program you must fill out the following application:  Solicitud Al Plan COOP

Note: This application only has to be completed once.

  • You must fill out the application and take it to the academic counselor of your department.
    •  Academic Counselors:
      • Mechanical Engineering: Yolanda Perez (L-235C)
      • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Veronica Vazquez & Maritza Figueroa (S-224)
      • Industrial Engineering: Griselys Rosado (II-224)
      • Chemical Engineering: Lourdes Fabregas (IQ-205F)
      • Civil Engineering and Surveying & Topography: Antonia Carrero (CI-101) & Sharon Bado (CI-102B)
      • Engineering Sciences and Materials: Lucía Mercado (S-210)
      • Computer Sciences & Engineering: Celinés Alfaro (S-220)
  • Once the application has been approved by the director of your department you must deliver it to the COOP Program Office (SA-201) .


Step 2: Once You Receive Your Job Offer

Once you receive your job offer you must:

  • Fill out the following form online: Información de Práctica COOP.
  • Bring a hard copy of your job offer and the Informative Sheet to the COOP Program Office (SA-201). (The Informative Sheet is also available in the Coop Program Office)


Regulations and Grade System

The COOP Student will register for at least a semester and a summer in the COOP Practice course each time they attend a working period. Students will get the corresponding credit hours during the last practice, when they will be credited with nine credit-hours assigned in the free or technical electives category.

Upon registration in the COOP Practice Course for any working period, Co-op students are considered regular students at the school with all rights, privileges and obligations this status entails, including financial assistance if the student qualifies. (See certification 94-94-69). When the students end their COOP term and return to the university they will have a registration priority on the first day of registration.