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RealTimePC Outreach Initiative: Industrial Engineering and Process Automation

Convinced that everyone should develop process improvement and management skills, the RealTimePC Outreach Program provides a unique program of year-round activities that fusion Process Automation with Industrial Engineering. Through the RealTimePC CAMP, RealTimePC TOUR and RealTimePC DAY, we impact high school and current engineering students with the development of technical and soft skills.  Our aim is to help them develop the skillset needed to solve today’s emerging and most challenging problems.

– RealTimePC Camp: High school students experience a week of career immersion.
– RealTimePC Day: High school students visit the Automation Laboratory, receive student/parent orientation and participate of a design challenge.
– RealTimePC Girls Day: High school students visit the Automation Laboratory, hear the stories of females in Industrial Engineering and participate in a design challenge.
– RealTimePC Tour: Intermediate and high school students receive an interactive orientation.
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