Senior Capstone Design Course

The Senior Capstone Design Course is part of the required coursework for the Bachelors in Science in Industrial Engineering. At the beginning of each semester (i.e. January and August), students enrolled in the Design Project Course (ININ 4079 – also known as the Capstone course), need to conduct a project co-hosted by an organization as part of the coursework.

The objective

Provide students with the opportunity to integrate the principles, methods, and techniques from earlier coursework into a problem solving situation.

Students are required to work on a reasonable size problem from the manufacturing or service sector.

Students form work teams of two students each and both are required to visit the project site. They are required to apply concepts and techniques learned in at least two of the following areas of expertise:

  • Work Systems Design, and Motion and Time Study
  • Probability and Statistics, and Statistical Quality Control
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Operations Research, Computer Simulation Modeling and Mathematical Modeling
  • Plant Layout
  • Automation and Information Technology

The application of concepts and techniques associated with Engineering Economics, and Managerial and Cost Accounting is required for all projects.