Noel Artiles

Noel Artiles León


noel.artiles @
II-216, x. 2006

Research Interests: Applied Statistics, Queuing Theory, Quality Control, Operations Research.

Sonia Bartolomei

Sonia Bartolomei Suárez


sonia.bartolomei @
II-212, x.3093

Research Interests: Production Control, Facility Layout Planning, Material Handling Systems, Work Measurement, and Simulation.

Rafael Blanes

Rafael Blanes Sánchez


rafael.blanes @
II-218 B, x. 3635

Mauricio Cabrera

Mauricio Cabrera Ríos


mauricio.cabrera1 @
II-227 | OF 342, x. 5709

Research Interests: Manufacturing Optimization & Optimization-driven Biological Discovery

Imágen de Hector Carlo

Hector J. Carlo Colón


hector.carlo @
II-207, x. 3105

Research Interests: Production, Distribution, Logistics, Material Handling Systems, Operations Research

Viviana Cesaní

Viviana I. Cesaní Vázquez


vivianai.cesani @
II-214, x. 3328

Research Interest: Production Systems, Cellular Manufacturing, Engineering Economics, Risk Analysis, and Design and Management of Services Processes


Saylisse Dávila Padilla


saylisse.davila @
II-218 A, x. 3240

Research Interests: Applied Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Data Mining, Statistical Process Control, and Healthcare

Mercedes Ferrer

Mercedes Ferrer Alameda


mercedes.ferrer @
x3032, x3809

Imágen de David Gonzalez

David R. González Barreto


david.gonzalez6 @
II-211, x. 3044

Research Interests: Quality control, Reliability, Optimization & Simulation, Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiment

William Hernandez

William Hernández Rivera

Special Assistant of the Chancellor | Professor

william.hernandez3 @
II-209, x.3638

Research Interest: Information Systems, Real Time Process Control, Optimization, and Genetic Algorithms

Imágen de Maria Irizarry

María de los A. Irizarry


maria.irizarry10 @
II-215, x. 3220

Research Interests: Production and Ergonomics

Imágen de Lourdes Medina

Lourdes Medina Avilés

Associate Professor

lourdes.medina @
II-220 A, x. 3641

Research Interests: Product Design and Development, Medical Devices, Regulations, Healthcare, Decision Analysis, Process Automation and Engineering Education

Alexandra Medina

Alexandra Medina-Borja

Associate Professor

alexandra.medinaborja @

Imágen de Mayra Méndez

Mayra Méndez Piñero


mayra.mendez @
II-101, x. 5958

Research Interests: Cost Analysis and Control, Cost Modeling, Engineering Economy

Omell Pagán

Omell Pagán Parés


omell.pagan @
II-208, x.2500


Cristina Pomales García

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs | Professor

cristina.pomales @
II-210, x.3103

Research Interests: Human Factors and Ergonomics, Web-based Distance Learning, Occupational Safety in Agricultural Environments

Imágen de Nazario Ramirez

Nazario Ramírez Beltrán


nazario.ramirez @
II-102, x. 3051

Research Interests: Operations Research, Applied Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Optimization and Neural Networks

Imágen de Pedro Resto

Pedro Resto Batalla


pedro.resto @
II-101, x.3081

Research Interests: Manufacturing, Automation, and Simulation

Imágen de Betzabé Rodríguez

Betzabé Rodríguez Álamo


betzabe.rodriguez @
II-217 A, x. 3631

Research Interests: Supply Chain, Game Theory, Operations in Service Industries, Production Scheduling, Distribution and Logistics


Augustín Rullán Toro

Chancellor | Professor

agustin.rullan @
II-213, S-322, x. 3003

Research Interests: Automation, Robotics, Facility Layout Planning, Modern Material Handling Systems and Cost Modeling

Imágen de Wandaliz Torres

Wandaliz Torres García

Associate Professor
II-217 B, x. 3063

Research Interests: Data mining, Applied Statistics, Big data, Cancer Genomics, Bioinformatics, Simulation