Note: This schedule is subject to change due to fluctuations in course demand, resource capacity and fiscal limitations.

Course Types: EB – Elective Bachellors, RB – Required Bachellor, EG – Elective Graduate, RG – Requisite Graduate, S – Service, A – Requisite 2003 Bachellors

(*) Are electives only for students in BSIE 2003 curriculum

(**) Count as Free Electives for students in the BSIE 2016 curriculum and BSIE 2016 – T4021, BSIE 2016 – T4085 and BSIE 2016 – T4021-85 plans.

^1 Students in the bachellor program can take ININ 6026 instead of ININ 4018, if qualifies.

^2 Students in the bachellor program can take ININ 6005 instead of ININ 4027, if qualifies.

Undergraduate students need to be have approval from the Department Head to register Level 6000 courses.