Dr. Timothy J. Colston

Ph.D en Biología, Universidad de Mississippi

Horas de Oficina 

  • B-365
  • x-3963

Áreas de Interés/Especialidad

  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Host/Microbiome Interactions
  • Genomics/Venomics
  • Herpetology/Systematics


  • Biol 3061
  • Biol 4925

Proyectos de investigación en progreso

  • Venom-Microbiome Interactions
  • Wildlife Trade & Conservation Implications
  • Biogeography of Neotropical and Northeast African Herpetofauna


  • Smith, S.N., Colston, T.J., Siler, C.D. (2021) Venomous snakes reveal ecological and phylogenetic factors influencing variation in gut and oral microbiomes. Frontiers in Microbiology 12:657754; doi:10.3389/fmicb.2021.657754.
  • Eliades, S.J., Brown, J.C., Colston, T.J., Fisher, R.N., Niukula, J., Gray, C.K., Vadada, J., Rasalato, S., Siler, C.D. (2021) Gut microbial ecology of the Critically Endangered Fijian crested iguana (Brachylophus vitiensis): effects of captivity status and host reintroduction on endogenous microbiomes. Ecology & Evolution 11: 4731–4743; doi:10.1002/ece3.7373.
  • Colston, T.J., **Kulkarni, P., Jetz, W., Pyron, R.A. (2020c) Phylogenetic and spatial distribution of evolutionary diversification, isolation, and threat in turtles and crocodilians (non-avian archosauromorphs). BMC Evolutionary Biology 20, 81; doi:10.1186/s12862-020-01642-3.
  • Ul-Hasan, S., Rodríguez-Román, E., Reitzel, A.M., Adams, R.M.M., Herzig, V., Nobile, C.J., Saviola, A.J., Trim, S.A., Stiers, E.E., Moschos, S.A., Keiser, C.N., Petras, D., Moran, Y., Colston, T.J. (2019) Exploring the venom ecosystem: The emerging field of venom-microbiomics and the Initiative for Venom Associated Microbes and Parasites (iVAMP). Toxicon X 4: 100016; doi: 10.1016/j.toxcx.2019.100016.
  • Colston, T.J., & Jackson, C.R. (2016) Microbiome evolution along divergent branches of the vertebrate tree of life: what’s known and unknown. Molecular Ecology 25: 3776–3800; doi: 10.1111/mec.13730.

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