Foto del Dr. Alex J. Veglia.Dr. Alex J. Veglia

Ph.D en Ecología y Biología Evolutiva, Rice University

ORCID ID -0000-0003-3118-5127

Virus Diversity and Bioinformatics (ViDaB) Lab

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Github – AVeglia

Horas de Oficina 

  • B-314
  • Extensión 3953

Áreas de Interés/Especialidad

  • Virology
  •  Hologenomics
  •  Transcriptomics
  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Microbial Ecology


  • BIOL 3300 (Genética)
  • BIOL 4925 (Seminario)
  • BIOL 5758 (Virología)
  • BIOL 4901/4902 (Problemas Especiales en Biología)

Proyectos de investigación en progreso

  • Isolation of virus-host pairs from marine invertebrate holobionts
  • Virus consortia dynamics across coral host and disease states
  • Tracking Bacterial, Viral, and Gene Expression Shifts throughout SCTLD Development in the Dry Tortugas


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  • Veglia, A.J., Milford, C.R., Schizas, N.V. (2021). Isolation and genotyping of novel T4 cyanophages associated with diverse coral reef invertebrates. Coral Reefs. 40(2), 485-504.
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  • Rivera-García, L., Rivera-Vicéns, R., Veglia, A.J., and Schizas, N.V. (2019). De novo transcriptome assembly of the soft octocoral Briareum asbestinum (digitate morphology) from southwest continental shelf of Puerto Rico. Marine Genomics. doi: 10.1016/j.margen.2019.04.001
  • Veglia, A.J., Hammerman, N.M., Rivera-Vicéns, R.E., and Schizas, N.V. (2018). De novo transcriptome assembly of the coral Agaricia lamarcki (Lamarck’s sheet coral) from mesophotic depths in southwest Puerto Rico. Marine Genomics. 41:6-11. doi: 10.1016/j.margen.2018.08.003
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