Application for repeating courses with grading of “C”

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The Certification 017 of the Board of Trustees of the UPR enables the Dean of the Faculty to authorize the repetition of courses with a grade of “C”, at the request of the student, by way of exception, prior analysis of the student’s academic circumstances. The repetition of courses with “C” will only be authorized where it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that repetition is necessary. The Department Directors must make a comprehensive evaluation of each case and present their analysis to the Dean to facilitate the final evaluation of the petition.

To request such an exception the student must follow the following steps:

  1. Request in writing to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the faculty the authorization. The letter must include the name and number of the applicant student and the academic program to which it belongs. Indicate the courses requested to repeat and explain the academic reasons for requesting to repeat the course.
    • The letter must be signed by the student.
    • Approved by the Director of his Department.
    • Include documented aspects of the student’s academic development that will benefit from such change.
    • Indicate if this change will allow you to:
      • Access a research program that requires a particular average
      • Apply to Graduate School
      • Comply with some requirement to obtain financial aid
      • Qualify for a change in your study program
  2. Provide a brief analysis of how it will impact your GPA to obtain a better grade in the requested course. Your academic advisor can help you with the analysis.
  3. You must provide a recent copy of your academic record (Student copy provided by the Registration Office)
  4. The Dean will analyze your request to determine whether or not the exception is granted.