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R2DEEP is a Recruitment, Retention and Distance Engineering project. It is a Pre-Engineering Program initiative, which combines recruitment, training, and retention strategies in hopes of bolstering the quantity and quality of students that apply, enroll, and complete programs offered by the College of Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus.

Do you have to be interested in engineering to enroll in R2DEEP courses? NO. Even though the R2DEEP program was created as a recruitment and retention strategy for the College of Engineering programs of the UPRM, students of any other discipline can take courses offered by the R2DEEP program. The following courses are requisites for other university majors:

  • INGE 3001 – Introduction to Engineering (1 cr) 
  • INGE 3011 – Engineering Graphics (2 cr)
  • MATE 3171 – Pre-Calculus I (3 cr)
  • MATE 3172 – Pre-Calculus II (3 cr)
  • MATE 3031 – Calculus I (4 cr)
  • INGE 3016 – Computer Programming and algorithm (3 cr)
  • INGL 3101 – Basic Course in English (3 cr)
  • INGL 3103 – Intermediate English I (3 cr)

Recruitment Strategies

recruitment1R2DEEP promotes the participation of students in different summer camps offered by the UPRM. We encourage the development and growth of engineering related high school clubs. We uphold a sustainable plan to promote professional opportunities in engineering careers, as well as those offered by the UPRM College of Engineering to high school students.


Educational Strategies

retention_tWe offer, as pre-engineering disciplines, college level courses on mathematics, engineering graphics, and programming to high school students in online and hybrid modality. These courses re-strengthen student’s preparation for a successful transition towards a university career. R2DEEP students may take these courses independently from the comfort of their homes or at their schools if an agreement with UPRM is established. These students will obtain validated credits for a university career at UPRM or any other university entity (Academic Senate 09-20).


Application requirements

To apply for the R2DEEP Program, it is required that the student: has a 3.50 GPA and is coursing 10th-12th grade of high school.

To take the Pre-Calculus 1 under R2DEEP the student must have achieved the following scores: 651 or more in the Math part of the PEAU-College Board test or a score of 605 or more in Math in the PAA-College Board test. Those students that have scored lower, must take and approve the Diagnostic Test offered by the Mathematics Department of the UPRM. Reviews for the exams are available free of cost at: http://quiz.uprm.edu/remediadora/

The next date for the diagnostic exam will be in December 2020.  The students interested in taking the Pre-Calculus 1 course under the R2DEEP program and did not take the College Board or scored lower than required, must take this test.

Application and registration is available at Solicitud de Examen Diagnóstico de Matemática


Contact Information

DareLogo big_vertical R²DEEP Program
Dean of Academic Affairs, College of  Engineering
Stefani Building Annex SA-201 
Mayagüez, PR 00680
Ph. (787)832-4040 Ext. 6261, 6291, 6290, 3200 or 3823
Email: r2deep@uprm.edu