Requirements and Costs

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R2DEEP course enrollment service is provided by the Continued Education and Professional Studies Division through the “Colegio para Estudiantes Talentosos” project. The benefits of this project are the following:

  • Advance through college level courses while in high school
  • Students can choose to submit for transfer credit those courses with  A or B grades.
  • If the student receives a grade of C, the course will be reflected as passed in the student file but it will not change the GPA.
  • If the student obtains a grade of D or F, it will not be added to the student file.
  • If the student has been admitted to UPRM and takes summer courses prior to their first semester as regular students, the grades for those courses will be considered as if they were regular UPRM students. 

The required documents are the following:

  1. Fill in the online application here.
  2. Properly fill the application for “Solicitud de Colegio para Estudiantes Talentosos,” including the course selection that the student is interested in.
  3. Provide evidence of the College Board and/or Advanced Placement Test scores if any.
  4. Complete the Health Certificate, for this year* you are NOT required to deliver the Medical Assessment (Health Certificate) or the medical plan card. Of the documents required by Medical Services, you only have to send a PDF copy of the evidence of vaccines (Vaccination Certification).

(*)  temporary exemption for Covid-19

To take the Pre-Calculus 1 under R2DEEP, the student must have achieved the following scores: 651 or more in the Math part of the PEAU-College Board test or a score of 605 or more in Math in the PAA-College Board test. Those students that have scored lower, must take and approve the Diagnostic Test offered by the Mathematics Department of the UPRM in summer. Students will have two (2) opportunities to take the test. For instructions and reviews click here

For those students that do NOT achieve more than 50% in the Diagnostic Test, it is recommended to take the Mathematics Strengthening Institute which is offered each summer.

Enrollment Costs

  • Cost per Credit: $157.00
  • Maintenance quota: $100.00 per semester (subject to revision by “Junta de Gobierno de UPR”)
  • Technology quota : $50.00
  • R2DEEP quota of $45.00 per semester.

Note: Payment for the courses will be done during the schedule adjustment period in the academic calendar of the UPRM. The student will receive an email with the instructions for online payment or through payment booth

For more information, contact: