Industrial Engineering Industry Advisory Board

Our department’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is comprised of professional and practitioners who have demonstrated leadership and exemplary work in the industrial engineering field. The IAB provides non-binding strategic advice to the IE Department.

Our IAB members, above all, are committed to provide counsel regarding the program mission, goals, and strategic plans.


IAB’s member are commited to:
• Provide counsel regarding the program mission, goals, and strategic plans.

• Assess the currency of curriculum and teaching practice. Offer insights on industry engineering needs necessary for curriculum updates to serve the Puerto Rican and international communities.

• Serve as liaisons between the Department, industry and government to create knowledge through basic and applied research, and influence the efficiency of governmental processes and services.

• Provide advice on corporate partnerships, fundraising and public relations.

• Serve as an ambassador and advocate to the program providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and ideas with practitioners in the field and other external contacts.

• Realistically assess the labor market demand for program graduates and advise the program to ensure it produces graduates with the skills required to meet employment needs.

Meet the Board


In 2018, Our board grew to eight members. Meet them!

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