Student Organizations

High school clubs provide a space where students can be identified and become part of a group that shares common interests while they learn and cultivate substantial personal and academic skills. To ensure its effectiveness the High School Engineering Clubs (HSEC) model will be coordinated with undergraduate students from UPRM established students associations and mentored by a school teacher or faculty member.

The College of Engineering already has more than fifty registered student associations that have and estabilished yearlong work plan and activities. Many of these activities include outreach, promotion, and recruitment events by their members. Our program will open calls for proposals for engineering club activities and provide support to those selected based on relevance and impact. This framework will also promote evolving High School Engineering Clubs to become junior chapters of the student’s associations.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will used to foster interaction among High School Engineering Clubs students and undergraduate engineering students at UPRM and their mentors. This community will help high school students direct their career choices in order for them to focus on engineering disciplines through motivating activities, information exchange, events and field experiences.