Research and Internship Courses for English Majors

Research and Internship Courses for English Majors

This post offers information on three resources available to our students and faculty for collaboration and research.

English 4998: Supervised Research in English

This new course allows faculty to design a series of research activities for one or several students to participate in.

  • The research interest can arise from a student wishing to do research with a faculty member or the faculty member inviting one or several students to participate in a research project.
  • This three credit course qualifies as a professional elective in English.
  • To offer this course, the faculty member and student(s) develop a short syllabus for the course and bring it in to the Director for approval and to create a section.
  • During the registration period, the Director creates the course and enrolls the student(s).

Primera Experiencia Laboral

This funded internship program has been extended to the Spring 2018 as its final semester.

  • This program is available to graduate students and undergraduate students who have completed 60% of their required courses. Leonardo Flores can write the letter certifying this.
  • Once admitted, the students enroll in INTD 4995 for 3 credits.
  • The student will work 20 hours per week and be paid minimum wage.
  • Students in this program cannot be enrolled in more than 12 credits of courses in the semester they take the course, including the 3 credit INTD 4995 course.
  • Here’s the official website with all the information:
  • To participate in this program, you can talk to the faculty members directing these opportunities:
    • Dr. Nancy Vicente may have spots in the Writing Center,
    • A faculty member can design an internship experience for you, which would require an e-mail to the Director with a job description for the internship, including assignments and criteria for evaluation.

Unpaid Internships at UPRM

One way to have an internship experience is for a faculty member to create an internship experience using the INTD 4995 course.

  • This would allow you to dedicate up to 9 hours per week to working on project(s) with your professor, in exchange for a valuable work experience and a grade.
  • The activities need to be enriching educational experiences, such as helping with research, doing editorial work, writing, etc.
  • For an example, see Leonardo Flores’ Digital Humanities Internship course, which he has offered every semester since Fall 2013 and has been the engine behind projects like I Love E-Poetry, The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3, and the English Department Website.
  • Faculty interested in creating such an experience for students can write to the Director with a brief job description for the internship, including assignments and criteria for evaluation.


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