About the Program

The graduate assistantship is a training activity that fosters the fullest development of the student within their discipline. Assistantship is not a regular job and involves the handling of certain teaching, research, and service responsibilities. The stipend that is awarded for the graduate assistantship varies according to the level of commitment to the assigned tasks and the academic grade of the student. Currently, the semester stipend for a full assistantship paid for with institutional funds will depend on the number of credits assigned by the department or graduate program as well as whether the assistant has a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In addition, all assistantships with institutional funds include exemption from the tuition payment, while if the assistantship is with external funds, then the exemption from the tuition payment will be subject to the type of research project. Click here to know more about the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program or see more details about the duration of the program in the 7th section of Certification 05-62(SA-UPRM).