The Department of English provides courses of instruction to satisfy the university’s requirements in English for all students. In addition, students have the opportunity to take English courses to meet their particular needs in conversation, public speaking, composition, creative writing and technical writing.
For those students who wish to major in English, the department offers two track programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Students may major in either Literature or Linguistics, and may plan their studies to take courses in both areas.

Admission to Undergraduate Program:
Candidates for admission at the UPR-Mayagüez must file an application for admission at the Admissions Office. Applicants must have a high school diploma or its equivalent from an educational institution duly accredited by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and an IGS of at least 2.50.

Prospective applicants must take the University Evaluation and Admission Test administered by College Entrance Examination Board or SAT.

Core Courses (21 credits):

INGL 3225Introduction to Linguistics
INGL 3227Phonetics of English
INGL 3231English Expository Writing
INGL 3321English Literature to 1798
INGL 3322English Literature from 1798 to Modern Period
INGL 3351American Literature to 1860
INGL 3352American Literature from 1860 to the Early Modern Period

Linguistic Track Courses (not all courses listed):

INGL 4206The Structure of English
INGL 4075Psycholinguistics
INGL 4208History of the English Language
INGL 4028Research and Writing in Language and Linguistics

Literature Track Courses (not all courses listed):

INGL 4030Research and Writing in Literature
INGL 4025Shakespeare
INGL 4027
INGL 4009
Old and Middle English Literature

Literature of the English Renaissance
INGL 4000
INGL 4097
English Literature of the 17th Century

English Literature of the 18th Century
INGL 4017
INGL 4095
The Romantic Movement

The Victorian Period
INGL 4316
INGL 4317
American Romanticism

American Realism and Naturalism

Minor in Writing and Communication Core Courses:

INGL 3056Introduction to the Communication Process
INGL 3268Writing for the Communication Media

Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Courses:

INGL 5010Perspectives of Teaching English as a Second Language
INGL 5009Contrastive Grammar
INGL 5015English and American Literary Criticism
INGL 5025Current Approaches in Linguistic Theory
INGL 5007Oral Communication
INGL 5018Study in British Isles

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