Our graduate program now offers a Curricular Sequence in TESOL. Apply here.

Admissions requirements

Students interested in pursuing and applying for the Curricular Sequence in TESOL need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be admitted to the MAEE Graduate Program offered by the Department of English at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.
  • Officially apply to the Curricular Sequence in TESOL: “Solicitud de Ingreso a la Secuencia Curricular en TESOL”.
  • Apply within the first year in the MAEE Program.
  • The following courses or their corresponding equivalent courses are prerequisites for admission to the sequence:
    • INGL 3225         Introduction to Linguistics
    • INGL 3227         Phonetics
    • INGL 4206         Structure of English
    • INGL 4205         Morphology and Syntax

Completion Requirements

Approve all 18 credits in the sequence as specified in the course offerings for the curricular sequence in Section 5 of this proposal with a GPA of 3.00 or higher

Student profile

Students who apply for a Curricular Sequence in TESOL at the Master’s level are graduate students in an MAEE graduate program. Students who successfully complete the graduate program are prepared to begin or continue their careers as teachers of English to speakers of other languages at the K-12 and postsecondary level. Students will possess the pedagogical and content knowledge necessary to successfully teach English language learners.

Curricular Sequence Courses: 18 credits in the following domains.

Code Title Crds Domain
INGL 6008

INGL 6016

INGL 6018

INGL 6028

INGL 6030

INGL 6040

INGL 5025

INGL 5010

Bilingualism and Language Contact (3)

Topics in Sociolinguistics (3)

Topics in Psycholinguistics (3)

Psycholinguistics and the Reading Process (3)

Theory and Practice of Composition (3)

Practice in the Teaching of Composition (3)

Topics in Linguistics  (3)

Perspectives on Teaching English as a Sec. Lang.  (3)

6 Language as a system (L)
INGL 6020* Second Language Acquisition (3) 3 Instruction Lang. Acq. (I)
INGL 6010* ESL Materials and Testing  (3) 3 Assessment (A)
EING 6005* Foundations of English Education (3) 3 Culture (C)
INGL 6996


UTD- University Teaching Development  (3) (Teaching practicum from an accredited institution or a one-year documented teaching experience in an ESL or EFL Context) 3 Professionalism (P)

*These three courses are also required in order to earn an MAEE

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