The department offers a two-track program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in English. All students are required to take a common set of core courses, which include: Introduction to Linguistics, Phonetics, Survey of English Literature, Survey of American Literature, and English Expository Writing. Beyond these required courses, students choose to focus their coursework between two tracks: Literature and Linguistics. For more information, please visit our undergraduate programs.

The English Department offers various courses of instruction for all students attending the Mayagüez campus. For more information, please visit UPRM English Requirements.

There are additional courses to fulfill student’s particular needs as well. These courses range from but are not limited to conversational English, public speaking, creative writing, technical writing, and more. 

Currently, the department offers two graduate programs: the Master of Arts in English Education (M.A.E.E.) and the Master of Arts in English Literature (M.A.E.L). For more information, please visit our graduate programs.

The English Department also works with other departments of the university to offer certificates in Education, Film, and Office Management. 

For more information about the English Department’s goals, please visit the Mission and Goals page
To contact us, please visit our contact information page.