As of close of business today, April 18, the English Dept has done a fabulous job! Some other faculty are still working on projects. Below is the list of people who have completed all required paperwork & thus their papers are ready to go forward to the Assoc Dean, Mario Nunez.
Faculty who completed loops or workshop:
Liz Dayton
Shannon Bischoff
Ellen Pratt
Mary Sefranek
Rosa Roman
Larry Chott
Ray Knight
Betsy Morales
Gayle Griggs
Cathy Mazak
TAs who completed Loops or did extra work:
Wilfredo Mercado
Filimon Orozco
Karrieann Soto
Monica Ng
Stephanie Sanchez
Maria Quintero
Jessica Lauer
TAs and MAEE Students who have 1 hour workshop credit:
Judy Flores
Alexandra Tubens
Marien Villanueva
Giselle Munoz
Jasmine Rivera
Jennifer Matos
Nora Falvey
Robert Haithcock
Emily Aguilo
Yahaira Rivera
Jeanette Perez
Yadira Altiery
Wilmarie Cruz

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