English Department Honor Roll Spring 2017.

The Department of English is very pleased to announce the following 34 undergraduate students have been included on the honor roll for the 2016-2017 academic year at the conclusion of the current semester!

We congratulate each and every one of you on this accomplishment and request that you stop by the office today, Friday, June 16th, to pick up your certificates as well as a humble homemade delicia (made especially for you) to keep you going with a little sugar intake as the semester draws to a close (por fin)!

The criteria for honor roll include:

  1. completion of at least one year at the UPRM,
  2. at least a 3.30 GPA in all 3000 or higher level courses by the end of the second semester of the academic year prior to the granting the award
  3. status as a regular student during the academic year prior to the granting of the award, or a student registered in the last and only courses required to complete the degree
  4. No D or F grades in the previous academic year
  5. No withdrawals from courses in the academic year preceding the granting of the award
  6. No sanctions for disciplinary reasons.

All of the students listed below have met these criteria and are thus included on the honor roll, which recognizes specifically your responsibility, commitment, and academic achievement.

  • Alanis F. Font Vélez
  • Ana M. Marte Sánchez
  • Andrea V. Valdés Valderrama
  • Ángel G. Trabal Gracia
  • Ashlene L. Lebrón Rodríguez
  • Carlos A. Carrero Sepúlveda
  • Carlos A. Santaella Cordero
  • Christopher Altiery González
  • Claudia A Ríos Ruiz
  • Claudia E. Irizarry Aponte
  • David A. Giovannetti Nazario
  • Desiree M. Soltero Santiago
  • Gabrielle M. Armstrong Velázquez
  • Jennifer Mojica Santana
  • José F. Zayas Soto
  • José J. Álvarez Retamales
  • Joyce M. Acevedo Cabrera
  • Julianna M. Canabal Rodríguez
  • Keishly A. Hernández Arce
  • Kelly J. Wilbur Ernst
  • Lorainne J. Ortiz Irizarry
  • Marina D. Lorenzana Abreu
  • Matthew D. Rodríguez Pagán
  • Melissa Fuentes Beníquez
  • Merissa Vásquez González
  • Michelle Medina Acevedo
  • Mildred M. Vargas Astacio
  • Mislael A. Valentín Cortés
  • Natasha L. Cruz Torres
  • Pedro J. Moreu Vicente
  • Stephanie M. Fuentes Álvarez
  • Tatiana M. Taylor Cruz
  • Yesenia E. Hernández Berenguer
  • Yulitzarie Hernández Torres

We are very proud of your accomplishment!