Image used for the promotion of the course Creative Nonfiction.

Dr. Gregory Stephens– see our recent article about him— will be teaching Creative Nonfiction (INGL 4008-036) this Fall on T-Th 9:00-10:15 a.m.

Creative Nonfiction (CNF) has been described as a Fourth Genre, which should take its place in literary studies, alongside the “big three” of fiction, poetry, and drama/film. This class emphasizes: 1) studying key CNF texts, and their inter-textual relations; 2) Learning CNF craft–techniques such as authorial voice, visual narrative, and turning oneself into a character; 3) Writing CNF narratives in styles including but not limited to memoir, literary journalism, and lyric essays.

In addition to reading and writing nonfiction narratives, Creative Nonfiction offers “transferrable skills.” Employers increasingly want hires who can communicate effectively beyond their specialty. In CNF students learn “the arts of empathy” and other means to present their ideas to wider audiences. Our goals will include trying to revise for publication, and increasing understanding of one’s self in a social and cultural context.

Check out the flyer for more details: Creative Nonfiction.