Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3, 2009, INGL 3103/3104 is sponsoring a seminar titled:

The Controversial Case of the Death Penalty in Puerto Rico

A Legal Perspective from the Federal District Court

with Federal Public Defender Joseph C. Laws, Jr.

This seminar will take place in the Nursing Amphitheater from 3:30-5:00 and I welcome you to bring and/or invite your students to attend. INGL 3103/3104 students will be focusing on this topic in their final exams and it may be a fruitful source of argumentative, persuasive or other rhetorical strategies of writing and/or speaking for students in other English classes as well. It is moreover a topic of contemporary significance in Puerto Rico that is a source of ongoing debate, particularly in this post-election year. For this reason, I extend this invitation to our Department-at-large. The seminar will be given in English, and there will be time for students to pose their questions and comments to the guest speaker during the activity.

I apologize for the late notice but the confirmation came late in the past week due to the numerous interruptions in our academic calendar this year and a virus that finds my laptop being maintenanced in Computos as I pen this blog posting to you. The good news, if you or your students are interested, but cannot attend, is that this seminar will be recorded live as a webcast and will be available on the homepage of the university tomorrow. It will also be available after the presentation as a digital file for those of you who may be interested in using it at a later time. Please click here for announcement.

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