ArlindaLopezOn Thursday, January 14th, 2010, the English Department and the Course Colloquium Sequence will sponsor Doodle with Moodle: Demystifying the Newest Online Forum for Classroom Teaching from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Chardón  325. Moodle is the new online resource adopted by the University of Puerto Rico to replace the former WebCT and to help faculty and instructors manage their classes online while supporting interaction among their students. This workshop is intended to benefit everyone in the Department of English who is interested in learning more about this important new resource for classroom teaching.

This workshop will be facilitated by Professor Arlinda López of the University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla. Prof. Lopez completed her B.A. and M.A. work in the teaching of English as a second language in Puerto Rico. She is pursuing a PhD. in Curriculum and Instruction from New Mexico State University where she is currently completing her dissertation as well as the requirements for online teaching certification. She is presently a faculty member in the Department of English at the University of Puerto Rico’s Aguadilla campus and supervises secondary ESL teaching practice. She has taught the secondary ESL Seminar at this institution as well as elementary Teaching English as a Second Language methodology, Tendencies in Instructional Technology, and courses in technology integration.  Additionally, she has been an educational consultant since 1998, offering professional development in technology education.

All participants will receive 1.5 hours of professional development credit!

In order to actively participate, however, it is essential that you open a Moodle account and register your courses prior to the workshop by following the below instructions:

A. To open an account in Moodle:

a. Go to, then follow the steps:
i. In the top right corner of the screen there will be the login link. Click on the link to enter your information.
ii. You should use the same username y password used for Portal Colegial.
iii. The system will redirect you to a page which will become your space in Moodle.

B. To create or request a new course:
a. After login please follow these steps:
i.  “Edit this page”: Click on the “Edit this page” button. Now you will see the “blocks” option.
ii. Add the block corresponding to “courses”
iii. On the courses categories list, click on the “all courses” options at the end of the list.
iv.Click on the “Request a course” button which will appear at the bottom of the page below the “Search” button.
v. Please include the “full name” of the course as it appears on the registrars’ list.
vi. Include the “short name” of the course corresponding to the course code followed by your last name, for example: QUIM3333_Pomales
vii. Enter a brief course justification which should include the faculty/department or program to help the system administrator place the course in the right  place within the course menu.

b.  These steps will trigger the course request process. Your course will be approved and you will have it available in your Moodle account for student enrollment or editing. If you wish to request a new course please follow the steps iii through vii.