Rosita Rivera, a professor at the English Department.

On January 26th, Dr. Rosita Rivera gave a presentation of her vision and plans for the English Department in support of her candidacy for a formal appointment as English Department Director. Dr. Rivera discussed her view on how to deal with the UPRM’s current fiscal crisis and the improvement of courses in the department through the branching out and interaction with other universities, as well as promoting new additions to the curriculum in favor of both undergraduate and graduate students. She also shared her background with the audience, and how her long-time experience in the department unquestionably grants her the knowledge and skills needed for such a position.

Dr. Rivera is an active professor and researcher and described herself as a person who does not “wait for things to happen.” She wants to take matters into her own hands in order to bring efficiency and progress to the English department. When asked why she decided to run for the Director’s chair while the UPR system is in a critical state she responded that she wished to improve teaching facilities for her faculty and lead the Department successfully through the crisis.

The slideshow for her presentation is embedded below. See Dr. Rivera’s submitted documents here.

The event was attended by over 33 persons, including professors , graduate and undergraduate students.