Several students are sitting by tables while working diligently on their papers.

Mr. Edcel Cintrón González works on the GRIC, which stands for the Graduate Research and Innovation Center, as a graduate writing facilitator, a position he’s been working on since January 2016.

The GRIC is a creative space that encourages collaboration and innovation, where graduate students and university faculty meets for the development of projects and to receive specialized services to help them on their research process. From Engineers to English majors, everyone is welcome. Mr. Cintrón, thanks to his training, is the representative of the Humanities section of the program. Not only they help the graduate student with their research process and with their projects development, they also help them with their oral and writing skills in English, prepare them for their interviews and to defend their thesis.

For Mr. Cintrón, what inspired him to be part of this program was his passion for English and his want to aid students with their writing and oral skills in English. Previous to this job, he was a tutor in the English Writing Center. His hard work and the outcome of his tutoring is, what inspired him to keep going and to keep working to form a better tomorrow. His main goal as an educator and as graduate writing facilitator, he hopes to be part of this big initiative to help the student’s population and prepare them for the future and their future goals.The reason for his return to campus to pursue an M.A., what inspired him, is because it is a program that gives students the necessary tools to develop for the future. At the same time, it also provides students with an opportunity to educate others and inspire them to pursue their goals. As Mr. Cintrón mentioned, he always gets excited to meet 60 plus new students each semester. On his academically work, his most important mentors are Dr. Jocelyn Géliga, Dr. Leonardo Flores, Dr. José Irizarry, and Dr. Rosa Román.

The M.A in English Education from the English Department gives you the opportunity to grow not only academically but also professionally. This reason, for Mr. Cintrón, is the main motor to his future goals and future career goals. One of the things that attract him the most about this M.A as a Graduate Teaching Assistant is to be able to meet new people every day, but most importantly because it helps him become the best version of himself, both personally and professionally. As a GRIC graduate writing facilitator, what moves him is that he learns from the others students and it makes him go out of his comfort zone to get familiarize with the projects he’s helping on.

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Graduate Research and Innovation Center