The fourth edition of the  ENGL 6006 Speaker Series concludes this semester with the presentation of:

Dr. Rosita L. Rivera Rodríguez

Assistant Professor

Department of English, UPRM

Values and Beliefs in the Narratives of ESL Teachers with a Military Background:

A Discourse Analysis

11 November 2009 * 6:00 pm * Chardón 318

For additional information, see flyer below or write jocelyna.geliga at

Over the last two years, the Speaker Series has not only enriched the ENGL 6006 course but has also been a vital forum for exchange and debate beyond our department. It has been a venue for the dissemination of current, innovative and often interdisciplinary research. We would like to thank the many speakers and participants from the English Department, other departments of the UPRM, other UPR campuses and the community at large who have made the Speaker Series a successful collaborative initiative. These include graduate and undergraduate students, junior and senior faculty, UPRM staff,  and neighboring community members who have attended the presentations.


Dr. Rosita L. Rivera Rodríguez

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