The ENGL 6006: Research Methods class invites the English Department community to our final event of the semester.

On Thursday, December 17 at 7:00 p.m. in Chardón 318 the students enrolled in the course will be presenting their research proposals, which speak to a variety of current topics in English studies such as gender/class representations and identities, queer literature, language and power relations and new technologies and linguistic practices.

Here’s a preview of the presentations.  (For additional information, please see the flyer below or write to

Kimberly Santiago Vega

“Hablando Como Una Nena”: How Notions of Femininity Are Communicated Through Language in the Domestic Space of the Home–A Discourse Analysis

Ángel Matos Caro

Towards An(O)ther Perspective of El Maricón: A Critical Analysis of Latino Gay Identity in Young Adult Bildungsromans

Lisa Ortiz Guzmán

The Unveiling of Class Identities and Discourses in The Life Stories of Pre-basic English Students at UPRM

Robert Ropiza Rivera

Code-Switching Practices And Notions of Identity, Power and Social Status Among Professional, Bilingual Puerto Ricans

Edward Contreras Santiago

Code Switching en Mensajes de Textos by UPRM students


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