Image used for the promotion of the course Digital Creative Writing.

What does it mean to write creatively in digital media? Is it any different than writing for the printed page? How can we explore the expressive potential of digital media spaces?

This course, offered by Dr. Leonardo Flores this Spring 2016 semester on Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:00-7:15 pm) will be dedicated to a series of creative writing exercises and performances in digital spaces. We will explore blogging, writing in social media networks, collaborate in netprovs (networked improvisation performances), remix electronic literature, produce animated GIFs, kinetic typography videos, bots, and more.

Visit the course website to see how it was taught in the Fall 2014 semester, but keep in mind that I update the course every time it’s taught.

We have reserved spots for English majors, so please request a spot from Drs. Rosita Rivera or Nancy Vicente if it’s full.