The UPRM English department will be offering the course English 3300: Critical perspective on political communication.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to study the interaction between power, media, and citizenship. Learn the value of citizens’ participation in public life using speech, mass, and social communication media, identify written and visual rhetorical devices borrowed from advertising and public relations to develop effective political campaigns and movements that threaten the democratic freedom using historical and contemporary examples.

In a democratic system, political communication should help protect freedom of speech, freedom of the press, participatory political processes, equal representation and diversity of ideas. But it is often used against those same ideals.

This is an engaging course that could be taken as a second-year English requirement or an elective to sharpen your critical thinking skills before the next political campaign.

English 3300 will be offered on the fall semester of 2019 and will have two sections one on Mondays and Wednesday at 4:30-5:45 and Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00-6:15. The course will be offered by Dr. Aixa L. Rodriguez.

Here’s the flyer: