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After the passing of Hurricane María and its devastating effects on communities across Puerto Rico, the UPRM initiative Come Colegial, dedicated to ensuring low-income students receive alimentary support on a routine basis, urgently requires support.

Its warehouse of supplies was nearly depleted after distributing emergency provisions to students prior to the natural disaster. On a regular basis, the organization serves 60-70 students per semester. After the Consejo General de Estudiantes (General Student Council) conducted an online survey last week, however, nearly 600 students reported they would require alimentary assistance in the wake of María. This is a dire situation and these numbers will only increase as a large number of Colegio students still have no access to the Internet and, as such, have not been able to complete the survey.

For this reason, the English Department will receive both monetary and material donations (canned and dry food goods, primarily) for Come Colegial throughout the semester in Chardón 323A. We particularly urge friends, family, and our alumni to support us in this effort. In addition, if you would like to send donations from the States or other locations, please contact the Department’s Interim Associate Director, Dr. Mary E. Sefranek Potter (mary.sefranek@upr.edu).