Now that the audiovisual hard times are over and we have two new techies in our staff, the ETC has been directing its attention to the English Department Web site ( Our work plan is divided into three phases, described below:

Phase 1: Update information and correct inaccuracies (and yes, we’re looking for an image for the front page).
Phase 2: Update the site’s stylesheet and begin to add content.
Phase 3: Redesign the Web site to expand its services, make it easier to update, and improve the interface.

We are completing Phase 1 and beginning Phase 2, for which I will need your help with the following:
1. Check out the page we’ve created for you with your office hours and other information: E-mail us ( with any corrections, revisions, suggestions, or additional information, such as a link to your own Web page. This page will be maintained by the English Department on a semester-by-semester basis to provide official information on its faculty.
2. The information for TAs and Part-Time faculty will be provided in a single page, for ease of updating, particularly since the composition may vary significantly from semester to semester. Please check what has been entered for you and provide us with links to a personal Web site you may wish to refer your students to. Here’s the link:
3. Those of you who run organizations or other initiatives related to the English Department (such as the Writing Center, Pastiche, the Film Certificate, and others) please e
-mail us ( the following information so we can design a page for you: description, mission statement, hours of operation, images, public files, and so on– whatever’s relevant. We can also meet and really work on tweaking the page so it can better meet your needs and represents your group well.
4. One of the goals for phase 3 is to create a page for each department committee, which would provide information on its membership, functions, and documentation, such as yearly reports, officially approved minutes, agendas, forms, announcements, and other non-confidential information that would be useful for the populations it serves. I request all committees to discuss what information they would like to present in a page and contact me ( with whatever information is relevant for the page. I would be happy to attend your committee meetings and discuss this matter in more detail.

We will appreciate your prompt help with this matter.

Original post by Leonardo Flores