Attention English Majors!

Have you considered what kinds of skills you would like to develop to make you more successful as an entrepreneur or when applying for jobs? Have you thought about enhancing your considerable critical reading, writing, and thinking skills with training on how to apply them in innovative ways to emergent 21st century market and job market needs? What courses and workshops can you enroll in that will help you achieve your goals?

Innovation Tracks— a new initiative led by Drs. Ubaldo Córdova, Mary Leonard, Lourdes Medina, and Leonardo Flores– offers you alternative curricula (tracks) that you can fit into required courses and electives and certifies your completion of the tracks.

To obtain an Innovation Tracks certificate, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Core Courses:

Specialization Courses:

  • 9 credits in your chosen track.
  • English Majors will be particularly interested in the Digital Media and Film tracks.

For a full description of Innovation Tracks read the About page. See also this interview with Dr. Ubaldo Córdova. Or talk to one of the mentors.