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“It changed me completely, I learned so much and acquired many skills that I will need for my profession. Also, it gave me a huge boost of confidence, I was very shy and didn’t feel like I knew much (which I didn’t) about the field, but I grew both professionally and as a person.” – Alanis Font

The Digital Humanities Internship has been a big step forward in the life of former students that have worked in it. Taught as a recommended elective by Dr. Leonardo Flores every semester since Fall 2013, it helps its students learn new skills that have helped them grow as students and prepare them for their future professions. Here are some statements of different students that went through the Digital Humanities Internship.

Edcel Cintron

“Currently, I work as an English Instructor teaching Reading & Composition I & II, and as a Graduate Writing Facilitator (GWF) at the Graduate Research and Innovation Center (GRIC). It was thanks to my previous experience as a DH Intern that I was able to gain multiple opportunities after I completed my training in the digital arts. With the additional training I gained as an intern, I often thought of ways to incorporate digital media into my career as an educator, and rising scholar. Now that I am teaching at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, I incorporate what I have learned from my previous experience as an Intern to teach my students how literature and reading is still very much alive and relevant in both traditional print and in the digital space. As a scholar, I study about the digital arts to be able to apply my findings with my research related to Children’s Literature, Literacy, and Reading.” 

The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3.

Ashlene Lebrón

“I became more confident in my writing. Helped me learn more about my department. It aspired me to get and look for more internships. I was able to work with a fantastic group of people.”

Alanis Font

“I feel like it was the greatest opportunity and experience I could have had in my sophomore year, I found out about this internship in a moment in my life when I felt defeated and discouraged and didn’t know what I was going to do to be who and what I wanted to be. This internship was a blessing, the professor gave me a great opportunity and believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. I owe him a lot.”

Cynthia Roman

“It was my first internship and I am glad I participated. It helped open my eyes to the E-poetry world, I learned to critique and fully analyze art works that not many consider to be art. E-poetry is known by many but it should be known by more people.”

Vashti Tacoronte

“The Digital Humanities internship helped me develop an interest and consciousness for a modern workplace. It showed me that you can love your job, and that the workplace is changing. The skills I got from this internship helped me become a well rounded professional.”

Dr. Flores and the Spring 2013 team at the I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café event.

Julianna Canabal 

“The DH Internship was to me a portal into one of the newest, boldest forms of digital media today. To me, and to any English major interested in the intersection between literature and technology, it is a necessary experience in order to understand how the digital world is merging with literary forms, as well as a way to learn the basics of coding and other 21st century skills.”

Andrea Valdes 

“The Internship taught me a bit of everything having to do with the relationship between the online world and the humanities. This ranged from editing, translating, learning to code, managing wordpress, interviewing, and a variety of other skills I am grateful”

Michael Fortys 

“It opened my eyes to the many possibilities that e-literature has. It also changed my views on teamwork. Originally, I hated teamwork, because most of the time I ended doing everything in the project. But here, I learned that we all benefit from working together.”

Brenda Y. Flores Santiago

As a Comparative Literature undergraduate student this internship helped me develop my writing skills. I also learned a lot of Digital Literature and experienced a strong appreciation of I <3 E-Poetry and the hard work every fellow intern put in it. I will forever be grateful of this Internship, where I didn’t just learn more writing skills but I also learned HTML and CSS. The students I worked with are amazing people and I can call them my friends. I will never forget the experience of working hand in hand with my friends while keeping the English Department Website (and the job of former DH interns) alive. This was my 1st internship and I will cherish every moment in it. So Prof. Leonardo Flores, on behalf of the former DH interns, thank you for the opportunity.