Promotional image for the Fulbright 2016 Competition.

The Fulbright U.S. Student program fully funds a year of graduate study, research, or teaching English abroad. See the following post in the Fulbright @ UPRM blog for details.

Of special interest to graduating English majors is the English Teaching Assistant program, which sends you to a country of your choice to teach English for a year. MAEE graduate students are considered overqualified for this specific type of program.

There are benefits to applying to this highly competitive award. Last year, one of our students applied for a Fulbright award to do graduate studies at a university in Canada, and even though he didn’t get the Fulbright grant, he was offered admission and a full teaching and research assistantship for his studies. Another student was offered a different (and more lucrative) award to do research for a year in Switzerland.

So let’s get busy applying: the deadline is September 9, 2016.