The Honor Roll Students posing for the camera while holding up their certificates (background) and the faculty members posing along with them (foreground).

Congratulations to this year’s Honor Roll Students!

This past Friday, the English Department held a small ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s distinguished students. The list was quite large this year, considering the requirements one must meet to fall into the Honor Roll. The students had to have been regular students for the past year, obtained a GPA of no less than 3.50, received no disciplinary action against them, and had no course withdrawals, or letter grades less than a C. The following students met these requirements:

  1. Almaris Ríos Cruz
  2. Ana Portnoy Brimmer
  3. Ashlene L. Lebrón Rodríguez
  4. Carlos E. Santaella Cordero
  5. Dalina A. Perdomo Álvarez
  6. David A. Giovanetti Nazario
  7. Demi Y. Fuentes Ramírez
  8. Desirée M. Soltero Santiago
  9. Gabriela Ruiz Irizarry
  10. Ismanuel Acevedo Muñiz
  11. Jennifer M. Mojica Santana
  12. José F. Zayas Soto
  13. José J. Álvarez
  14. Keishley A. Hernández Arce
  15. Kiara D. Lugo Carrero
  16. Laura D. Cruz Bisbal
  17. Marina D. Lorenzana Abreu
  18. Michelle Medina Acevedo
  19. Michelle Morales Garcia
  20. Mildred M. Vargas Astacio
  21. Mislael A. Valentin Cortes
  22. Monika V. Moreu Vicente
  23. Natasha L. Cruz Torres
  24. Pedro J. Moreu Vicente
  25. Viviana Martinez Maldonado

Not all of the students were able to attend, but the English Department wishes them the best!