Image used for the promotion of the course Media Literacy displaying several font icons such as a signal tower, a satellite, a tv, among others.

This coming Spring semester, Dr. Aixa L. Rodriguez will be offering INGL 3057: Media Literacy on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:45 pm. The course will focus on “the production techniques, language and ideological devices the mass media uses to attract different audiences and to influence how we see our world.” It will help students better understand the influence media has on the public and on themselves. They will also be able to appreciate what goes into creating effective  advertisements, news reports, newspaper articles, and other media outlets.

The course can only be taken by those who have passed INGL 3056: Introduction to the Communication Process or INGL 3268: Writing for the Media with their respective pre-requisites. Those who have not approved them can still join the course, but must acquire special permission from the English Department Director. The Media Literacy course can be taken as part of the 12 Recommended elective credits in the English Bachelor’s degree or as a Free elective. It also forms part of the Minor in Writing and Communication for those interested in taking it.

Download the flyer here.

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