Student asking questions and professors going over the material at the 2015 Linguistics Colloquium.

Earlier today, on Friday, March 20th, the English Department Student Associated (EDSA) hosted their first ever Linguistics Colloquium.

The event consisted of several presentations led by undergraduate students from a variety of fields, from Linguistics to Business Administration, Social Sciences, and Engineering. This diversity helped support one of the concepts introduced during the colloquium: the versatility of Linguistics as an interdisciplinary field, which it also achieved thanks to the wide range of topics that the presentations covered, such as language in digital environments, phonetic analysis, language in education, language acquisition, and more.

The colloquium not only showcased original research in Linguistics done by undergraduate students, but also examined and discussed the steps that need to be taken when doing research, as well as promoted the valuable skills that any student can acquire by taking a Linguistics course, such as analytical reasoning, critical thinking, generating predictions and formulating clear hypotheses.

Since the feedback for the event has been overwhelmingly positive, EDSA is currently considering the notion of making the Linguistics Colloquium an annual event.

For more photos from the event, please visit the EDSA Facebook page.

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